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Get ready for this post-pandemic lifestyle trend … Return of the House!

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During the past decade, urban centers like Bangkok have become buzzing concrete beehives with humans stacked on top of each other up to the sky. Families and individuals have opted to live in smaller and smaller spaces outsourcing their recreation to places like gyms and spas. 

People eat most meals at crowded cafés and restaurants rather than cooking at home.  Families hop on a plane or ship and take trips to spend some time together.  “Living small” and “minimalism” had been popular lifestyle trends up until now.

But the global health crisis of 2020 has severely altered the way we will live in the future.   Widespread and prolonged lockdowns have shown a light on how miserable “home” can be when it is a 35 square meter box you cannot leave. The freedom of mobility has been replaced with the restrictions of panic-stricken governments desperately fighting to keep citizens safe.

However, families with nice houses on big lots in the suburbs hardly noticed a change in lifestyle.  They stocked their big fridges with provisions, swam in their sparkling clean pools and spent time with their loved ones outside in the fresh air.  Dogs were walked and gardens attended to.  Suddenly, being a “homebody” was not such a bad thing.  They had a built-in solution to the pandemic problem.

For a vision of the future, come to see the new model homes at The Plantation Estates in East Pattaya.  Big lots, spacious modern houses and crystal-clear swimming pools are the new trend. The Plantation is ideally located near enough to big city facilities and infrastructure to be convenient, but far enough away to be safe and secure.

Living small is over.  The “New Normal” is here.  Witness the Return of the House.

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