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Investment Opportunity – 19 Rai of Land

Do you know what a “cornerstone property” is?

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Do you know what a “cornerstone property” is?

When communities get put on the map, there is always a property or two that have to be there for it to be noticed. Properties that “define” the place. If the community is old, then it might be the courthouse or a post office or a school. A newer place might have a market or sports facility at its core.

It doesn’t matter if he community is a brand new hot-spot or an old place given a new identity, it has to have a property to call it’s “cornerstone”. The place everyone knows. The place everyone gives directions by. A local landmark property that defines the community. Usually it’s for no other reason than it is right in the middle of the community and is easily accessible to everything.

It could be a housing development. Maybe it’s a shopping center. Possibly it is one of those hipster mixed-use city blocks that everyone finds themselves going to three times a week. Finding and securing a “cornerstone” property like that is what real estate developers dream about.

Well, a plot of land with real potential to be such a cornerstone property is for sale right now right in the middle of the dynamic Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

East Pattaya has been slowly morphing into a low-key/high-value area for the past few years. And now with all the new infrastructure connecting in the heart of the community, it is poised to be the “next big thing”. With shiny new international schools, sparkling new golf courses, and a glittering “medical city” popping up, residents and investors all want to be part of this new EEC community.

In the middle of it all is a pristine 19 rai plot of high and flat land just begging to be a “cornerstone” property. The real estate business is full of clichés, the most notable of which is “location, location, location”. You’d have to add about seven more “locations” to have it ring true for this property. Golf courses, hospitals, schools, major roadways, airports … it’s hard to cite something it isn’t close to. When someone asks you where your property is and you say, “It’s between the golf course and the polo grounds”, you know you’re in a pretty good location.

Here’s another cliché that fits this property; “you can’t go wrong”. It doesn’t really matter what an investor does with this property, it will make them money. A luxury housing development is the first thing that comes to mind, but a low-rise condo project would do well there as well. A shopping center or mixed-use development would be a natural winner. A resort surrounded by golf courses, close to the beach with multiple airports sounds like a recipe for success.  Even if an investor buys the land and holds it for someone with a cornerstone vision to come along, the value will escalate while they are waiting. They make money just for recognizing the potential.

The price is currently a shockingly modest 6 million Baht per rai. This is rock bottom for the Siam Country Club area. Take a look at the aerial photos below and witness the strategic location of this plot. And in case you aren’t familiar with the area, here’s what I mean by “strategic location”.

This land can also be split into 2 plots at 12 and 7 Rai and sold separately if you’d prefer a smaller area.

Located Just before Three Kingdoms Park in East Pattaya the plot of land is:

  • Opposite Siam Country Club Old Course
  • 1 km from Siam Country Club Old Course
  • 3 km from Siam Country Club Waterside Course
  • 2 km from Siam Polo Club
  • 8 km The BIRA International Circuit (Pattaya)
  • 7 km from Siam Country Club Plantation Course
  • 6 km from Phoenix Golf Club & Resort
  • 2 km from Central Pattaya
  • 2 km from Highway 36 (To Rayong)
  • 8 km from Highway 7 (To Bangkok)
  • 9 km from U-Tapao International Airport
  • 117 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport

People who own cornerstone properties don’t just stumble upon them. They research an area, connect the dots and grab the property before anyone else gets the chance. Do some homework and take a look at this place if you are a serious investor. Click here to view the listing on Base Thailand.

For further information email or telephone +66 (0) 8986 77969.

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