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Finally the legendary “Hooters” hits Bangkok

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When the editor of Pattaya Trader asked me to rush up to BKK for my next assignment at short notice, frankly I was a little flustered at first but when she mentioned the venue was the new “Hooters” in BKK, well I could hardly refuse, could I?

“Hooters” is conveniently based on the ground floor of The Sheraton Four Points hotel located on Sukhumvit, soi 15, a great place to stop in for a quick lunch, watch sporting events or as a meeting point to start a lad’s night out on the town.

Basically the day I visited this establishment, it was their soft opening and being punctual as always, I was probably within the first ten customers to walk in the door at 12 noon. The first thing I noticed was that the place was wall to wall with women, this may have been due to the fact that I received an elbow to the ribs from my “better half” as soon as we walked through the door. The next thing I noticed was that everything ran to clockwork, orders were taken quickly and professionally, repeated back to you so as to avoid mistakes and all the girls seemed generally happy and excited about their new job. A very refreshing change from some of the tired out, bored looking service staff you encounter regularly while dining in Bangkok, who seems to go out of their way to mess your order up.

Why don’t they ever write your order down? Is ink and paper an expensive commodity these days?

Anyhow we ordered two cocktails to start with from our waitress, the “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Khun Neera, “ouch” another elbow to the ribs was silently delivered and well received. We chose “The Hootie” and “The Hooties Margarita” both included good shots of alcohol, whilst still being light and pleasant enough to drink comfortably without overpowering the food.

The menu is typical American fare, seafood, steaks, ribs, etc, etc you can even build your own burger. I opted for the other thing (apart from the girls) Hooters is famous for: The chicken wings which come boneless, naked or breaded and available in 12 different flavors ranging from the mild lemon pepper, BBQ and Parmesan Garlic to the fiery Daytona, 911 and for a real mouth burning experience “The Triple Dog Dare”Even though I knew a vicious elbow attack was looming, I joked with the waitress that I fancied going “naked” and opted for the “Triple Dog Dare” to prove my manliness in the heat department.

My “better half” exhausted from dishing out a barrage of brutal elbows strikes chose the “Shrimp Po Boy” which is basically 5 good size shrimps (that are big enough to be considered prawns in Europe) served in a hot dog bun with shredded lettuce and thousand island sauce, simply delicious.

For dessert, they also have American favorites like pecan pie, apple pie, chocolate brownies and ice cream sundaes; sadly we were beat by the huge portions served, but vow to return to sample the pecan pie someday soon.

Try reading the history of “Hooters” on the back page of the menu, some quite amazing figures here, pardon the pun.For instance did you know that “Hooters” have hundreds of restaurants in up to 30 different countries? And an even more impressing statistic, they employ over 300,000 “Hooters Girls” worldwide. The mind boggles.

Last but by no means least; Since writing this review “Hooters” have opened a new branch in Pattaya. So if you haven’t the time to venture to Bangkok, rest assured “Hooters” is now available locally.

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