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It’s not a Hospital … It’s a Medical City

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If you’ve driven through East Pattaya in recent months, you may have noticed a massive clearing of land and telltale signs of a big construction project near Lake Maprachan.  Perhaps some resident “in the know” has said, “Oh yeah, that’s where the new hospital will be”.  It’s a statement that does disservice to what is actually about to happen.

It is true, a 300 bed hospital associated with Thammasat University is at the center of this project, but that’s just the most publicized component of a much larger undertaking. The total project would better be described as a “medical city”.

As part of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) initiative, a Special Economic Promotion Zone has been created known as EECmd.  The zone is in East Pattaya and can be entered from both Sukhumvit road and Highway 36 with the Lake Maprachan area right in the middle.  It covers an area over 566 rai (more than 223 acres or nearly a million square meters).

The zone was created in conjunction with Thammasat University Pattaya for the development of a Medical Hub and a plethora of downstream industries.  One of the main features of the hub will be Lakeside Premier Complex, a facility dedicated to the study and treatment of elderly patients and senior citizens.  This facility will include a seniors clinic, a residential area, an aging dental clinic, a physical rehabilitation clinic, an anti-aging clinic, and a nutritional education center.  The purpose of the Senior Center is to understand and promote a better quality of life for an aging population.

EECmd will also be utilized as an academic center for medicine and medical science.  Chulabhorn International College of Medicine will take up 111 rai and a high-tech medical research institute will sit on 60 rai.  Students from all over the world will enjoy a state-of-the-art medical school experience.

The aforementioned Thammasat University Hospital Pattaya will reside on 95 rai.  Thammasat Hospital Pattaya Center Phase 1 will feature 300 beds and Phase 2 an additional 300 beds.  This facility will offer an fertility clinic, digital dentistry, elderly health center, an occupational health and environmental center and specialty clinics to treat chronic diseases.  The purpose of this hospital is to provide a world-class health care facility to the surrounding communities and to support economic expansion, investment and tourism.

So, get it out of your head that this will be just some mid-rise building with a red cross on top of it.  EECmd will unfold as a full-blown medical city. According to an EEC spokesman, the reason this site was chosen is because of its strategic location and accessibility by two major airports, two deep-water ports, is along projected lines of transportation like high-speed rail, and is close to the bustling tourism center of Pattaya City.

The Plantation Estates housing project is situated on the same road as the new medical center making it an ideal investment opportunity. For more details on The Plantation Estates, please CLICK HERE.

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